About Mani

    • Mani Peninsula in Peloponnese is in the south part of mainland Greece.
    • Mani is one of the most historical places in Greece since its well known, not only for the famous ancient civilization of Sparta but also for its people’s strength and solidarity, in keeping the Greek nation alive, during the Turkish occupation.
    • The Mani Peninsula forms a continuation of the Tayetos mountain range.
    • It is divided in two parts, the Outer Mani and the Deep Mani (further south)
    • The language is Greek.
    • The capital city of Deep Mani is Areopoli and of Outer Mani is Kardamili.
    • It’s name may come from French ”Le Grand Magne”.
    • In Deep Mani, a strange, combative place with crystal sea water and unique landscape, people live in Pyrgi. Pyrgi are stone towers that are more fortress than houses. They are rich in history and bravery.
    • Mani’s traditional products are the olives, olive oil, honey, traditional cheese, herbs, oregano, tea and the famous ”siglino”, ”lalagia” and ”koutalides”.
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